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I am Ehsan Noohi, a PhD candidate with the Electrical and Computer Engineering department at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). I am working with Prof. Milos Zefran at the Robotics lab at UIC and also with Prof. Jim Patton at the Robotics lab at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC).


I am interested in developing robots that are capable of working in collaboration with humans. My approach to this problem is to develop interaction models by studying human-human cooperative interaction during some haptically-coupled manipulation tasks. Since different models take different assumptions, the performances of these models should be compared against the baseline: human-human cooperative behavior. The ultimate goal of this research is to propose an interaction controller for a robot that passes the Turing-like test in physical human-robot interaction.


Email: enoohi2 (at)

Mailing Address: 1020 SEO, MC 154, 851 S Morgan St, Chicago, IL.







Recent Activities:



Aug '16: I'm attending the IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive
                  Communication (RO-MAN), held in Columbia University, Teachers College in
                  New York City. I’m presenting my paper on the first day.


Aug '16: Our paper has been published in IEEE Transaction on Robotics (T-RO) and been
                  deposited to the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

E. Noohi, Miloš Žefran, James L Patton.  A Model for Human–Human Collaborative
Object Manipulation and Its Application to Human–Robot Interaction. 



May-Aug '16: I was interning for Intuitive Surgical Inc. as a System Analyst over the summer.
                   It was a great learning experience and I especially enjoyed working with Lawton Verner.


May '16: Our three papers have been accepted for presentation at RO-MAN 2016.


May '16: Our work has been submitted for final production to Springer in a book on:

Trends in Control and Decision-Making for Human–Robot Collaboration Systems 


Apr '16: I've joined the Robotics Lab at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC).


Mar '16: I've been nominated for the Dean's Scholar Award by ECE department, again.



Archived Events:


June '15: I'm attending World Haptic Conference (WHC '15). Looking forward to receiving constructive
                   feedback on my work.


May '15: Excited to attend ICRA '15. I'm presenting my works in the poster session and also in the
                   following workshops:


Haptics for Neuroscience and Neuroimaging

Rehabilitation Robotics and Human-Robot Interaction

Human Movement Understanding and Neuromechanics

Robotic Hands, Grasping, and Manipulation


Apr '15: I have received the Provost's Award for Graduate Research from the Graduate College at UIC.


Apr '15: I'm attending The 4th Midwest Workshop on Control and Game Theory (WCGT 2015),
                  held in Iowa State University, and presenting my work as a poster.


Mar '15: Our work has been accepted for publication at World Haptic Conference (WHC '15)

Computational Model for Dyadic and Bimanual Reaching Movements.

E. Noohi, S. Parastegari, and M. Zefran.


Mar '15: I've been nominated for the Dean's Scholar Award by ECE department.


Feb '15: Our paper has been accepted for publication in IEEE Transaction on Robotics (T-RO).

Object Manipulation Using Unlimited Rolling Contacts: 2D Kinematic Modeling and Motion Planning.

E. Noohi, H. Moradi, S. Parastegari and M. Nili Ahmadabadi.


Jan '15: I accepted department's offer for teaching ECE366 in Spring. Excited to see my new students.


Dec '14: I have successfully defended my Preliminary exam (proposal).
                 Thanks to the committee, I received many interesting ideas and insightful comments.


Dec '14: I am presenting my recent work in the Motor Learning & Biorobotics (MLB) meetings

at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC).


Sept '14: I am presenting our paper in IROS '14.

 Using Monocular Images to Estimate Interaction Forces During Minimally Invasive Surgery

 E. Noohi, S. Parastegari, and M. Zefran.


Sept '14: Our work has been accepted for publication in Humanoids '14.

 Quantitative Measures of Cooperation for a Dyadic Physical Interaction Task

 E. Noohi and M. Zefran.